DSM-Firmenich is committed to supporting well-being and performance of production animals and has developed LBiotix™, a pioneering postbiotic to help maintain a healthy gut. LBiotix™ supplies Lactobacillus cell bodies together with their fermented culture medium and metabolites. They have been stabilized to ensure easy handling and consistent results.

LBiotix™ has proven its efficacy and safety in 4 species:

3 benefit areas for LBiotix™

LBiotix™ promotes animals’ well-being and productivity by acting on three areas:

Gut health

Several studies have demonstrated the beneficial effect of LBiotix™ on gut health1,2,3.


It helps support immunity by maintaining the animals’ natural immune defenses4,5.

Feed efficiency

LBiotix™ improves feed efficiency and helps support normal growth in animals4,6,7,8
• Improvement of average daily gain
• Improvement of feed conversion.

In piglets, these beneficial effects have been demonstrated not only in normal living conditions but also when the piglets faced challenging conditions in farms.

Why choose LBiotix™?

LBiotix™ is the postbiotic pioneer. Postbiotics were recently defined by ISAPP (International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics) as “preparations of inanimate microorganisms and/or their components that confer a health benefit on the host”. The inanimate character of LBiotix™ gives it four major advantages:

  • Efficacy
    • High quality trials have demonstrated LBiotix™’s efficacy in the host
    • Its efficacy does not depend on the viability of the bacteria
  • Safety
    • No risk of translocation from the gut lumen to the blood and septicemia
    • No risk of acquisition or transfer of antibiotic resistance genes
  • Stability
    • Long shelf-life
    • Can be stored at room temperature
  • Easy-to-use
    • Comes in a dry powder form for easy handling
    • Can be used in liquid formulations as the bacteria no longer replicate
    • Withstands the constrains of feed manufacturing

Together, these benefits make LBiotix™ the ideal postbiotic ingredient to incorporate into your feed and additives formulations, either solid or liquid.

LBiotix™ benefits from our unique expertise

Lactobacillus LB at the heart of our expertise

LBiotix™ contains Lactobacillus LB, which has been thoroughly researched for over a century. Nearly 50 peer-reviewed studies attest its efficacy, including many clinical and preclinical studies on animals and cultured cells. It is a combination of two human-origin strains (L. fermentum and L. delbrueckii) together with their fermented culture medium and metabolites. In total, each gram of LBiotix™ contains 60 billion inactivated cell bodies.

Our proprietary ECHO™ process

LBiotix™ is designed using our proprietary ECHO™ process. This unique fermentation process Enriches, Concentrates and Heat-stabilizes micro-Organisms. It allows us to obtain fully stabilized and high-quality postbiotics.

A complete mechanism of action

The effectiveness of LBiotix™ is based on a set of modes of action:

  • Adherence to gastrointestinal mucosa which prevent the attachment and internalization of bacteria10,11
  • Neutralization of undesirable bacteria10,11
  • Restoration of the natural balance of the gut microbiota by helping beneficial bacteria flourish12
  • Support of natural immune defenses13
  • Protection of tight junctions to maintain barrier integrity14

All these mechanisms complement each other and act in synergy to maintain digestive health and immunity of animals.

We are the reference for postbiotics

DSM-Firmenich Houdan SAS is a global, technology driven CDMO providing turnkey product development through commercial manufacturing expertise, located in Houdan, France.

DSM-Firmenich Houdan SAS is dedicated to harnessing the power of the microbiome. We have one overall goal: provide the highest quality postbiotics for human and animal health.

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